Presentation of technique


“Galle” type items are the results of a long and difficult technology of manufacturing.

Here we will try to explain some of these methods :

At the beginning we must to point out that all the operations of the manufacture of these items are only hand-made and they contains a lot of labor/product.

*The process begins with the operation of blowing the items. It is realized from melted color rods (the rods are imported from Germany) and clear glass.

The blowing is realized by a special “pipe” in a special oven at a temperature of 1300-1500 0C.

The firs blowing layer is a support of clear glass and after it, above and under this support there will be put about 2÷6 melted layers of color glass, as it follows:

–          the first color layer is put at the inside of the item;

–          the second is a layer of clear glass;

–          the rest of the color layers are put at the outside;

The layers are blowing one after another and they need much experience and skill because is very difficult to control the temperature of the glass.

*The next operation consists of removing the internal pressure from the items by introducing them into an oven at a temperature of 540 –5800 C.

The cooling is realized after a diagram during 30 hours, until it is reached the ambient temperature and the items can be taken out of the oven.

*The operations of cutting the calotte and polishing consist first of removing the extremities of the items that result from the blowing into the mold, and then of polishing and straightening the edges of the items.

* It follows the operation of painting. It is realized by hand and it includes many successions of the same operations: first: marking, then drawing with a special pen used only for glass, covering by a special, protective lacquer – all these operations only for an article. Talented persons who have much artfulness and patient make the painting carefully. The décor is according to the asking model, by respecting all the details. The lacquer is applied only on the painted area in order to protect it for the acids.

* The next operation consists of sinking the painted (and covered by the lacquer) items into a bath of acids; the acid will attack only the glass and not the protected area. The asking nuance is obtained function of the necessary time of sinking into the acid bath.

* The operations of mechanical engraving and sand blasting are the following ones and they consist of engraving the glass until it is obtained the wished nuance of the painted area and then all the surface it is uniformed.

*The operation of chemical polishing is an operation that changes the transparency of the items. So they will have a mat nuance that is especially for these articles: Galle type.

So, these are the main operations used to the manufacture of the famous “Art Nouveau” articles, a kind of masterpiece made from a material so sensitive – glass.

Behind the signature, behind all the items made by our firm, behind the quality, there are the efforts and the work of a creator’s staff, artists, blowers, who are deeply involved in their activity. They became experts in this technology that their vases, lamps, and ceiling-lamps are paintings where anyone’s eyes loose in the perspective of the nature. Thus, in the creation moments, the satisfaction that derives from the appreciation of these is represented by the extent and future estimations. This is the reason they are unique, so beautiful and so full of life.