There is a very simple idiom : ” Without sound and color, there is no life ! ‘’ It is a truth that people  understood it even before  the word was discovered  , and the sound and color   found their expression in time, invaluable works of great artists: DaVinci, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Monet, Cezane and hundreds of many other titans of what will remain forever in our hearts and consciousness through their immortal creations ! Their art was not forgotten, and from the contemporary artists palette, colors, through their talent and their brush, blends harmoniously on the canvas turn into beautiful works of art which, in turn, will forever live on in time !

Here in Romania, at Millennium Art Style , famous painters art is continued through the brush wielded with sensitivity and talent by artist Emil Ciubotaru  , who tells us with modesty:

,, I saw color for the first time on 16 May 1967,  and without realizing at that moment, I fell in love with it forever! Since then my soul tried to settle peacefully on the canvas of a painting where, every day, he walks his thinking calmly through the landscapes, he rests his  sensitivity in the parfume of the flowers from the static nature  or walking his steps   on the streets of city landscapes or on beautiful  channels of Venice !’’

In works with the signature of the artist Emil Ciubotaru  there are found different themes embodied in landscapes, forests, seasonal land capes, static nature of flowers, musical instruments, objects, fruit, urban issues, Venetian landscapes, reproductions of art by master artists. The works are made with extra fine oil color on canvas stretched on wooden frame, often in the technique called ” palette knife ” but also in mixed technique ” palette brush –  palette “.

In this technique used, the color is put in decor created in a thicker layer, thus obtaining a great texture and a relief that gives life to the painting  and a unique personality! Finally, the panel is protected by a lake ” Damar varnish ” that invigorates and enlivens the nuances of color and provides protection in time ! Paintings can be manufactured in any size requested by the client and the desired setting by this !

We are waiting for you to delight your eyes and heart and soul with emotion admiring a painting signed by Emil Ciubotaru that rests on the wall of your room !