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,Born with more than 120 years ago from the imagination of the creator or of the glass artist Emile Galle , the unique and amazing Cameo glass, it is reborn nowadays and continues the tradition started by the great French artist through the talent and passion of the artists of the Millennium Art Style, a small galle glass factory in South-Eastern Europe, in a small town in Romania. Here it is the place where glass comes to life through its shape and color, through talent and imagination.

Our company performs a wide range of glassware, making the original technology invented by Emile Galle, famous art reproductions bearing famous signatures, “Galie type ” Daum-Nancy type’’, “Muller Frere Luneville type”, ,,Schneider type “and which include: vases, table lamps, floor lamps, wall scones, chandeliers, fruit bowls, ashtrays, bowls, jewelry boxes,  trays, galle glass art objects in combination with bronze and brass, etc.. Every necessary step in achieving our products comply exactly to the original manufacturing process of Cameo glass by etching with acid chemical special. Galle glass in which products are produced is processed by hand based on a recipe very well established.The colour used is of good quality being produced by a prestigious German company respecting European standards in force .Beyond the famous artists’ signatures whose pieces they reproduce, behind these wonderful and unique works of art made ​​exclusively by hand, it is patience, the skill and aesthetic sense of the artist that give charm and life giving these wonderful products with unique value

A multilayered galle glass art, whether it is a vase, a lamp or a chandelier, bearing the imprint of the period known as Art Nouveau and having a famous signature as   Galle, Daum-Nancy ,Muller and Schneider, will always give a distinct personality, the place you decorate making   the space wonderful  and it will  always be a delight for the eyes of onlookers by shape, their artistic décor and color !

We invite you to enjoy the revival of an almost Lost Art !

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