Fusion Glass

Used by the Egyptians and Romans in antiquity for the construction of small parts, being almost as ignored as the modeling process of glass during the Renaissance, the technique of merging of the glass started to develop hardly and to become well known around the 1960s, the moment in which the objects from the merged glass began to be increasingly used in architecturei n interior and exterior design and decoration became a processing modern art and modeling of glass.

Our company continues to develop this process of merging of the glass and through the knowledge and talent of its artists succeed using this technique, to achieve true and amazing works of art. The merged glass objects are made exclusively by hand, each component of the glass being placed carefully following the technological standing each stage. The materials used in the technique of merging are of exceptional quality that are compatible with each other, being manufactured by hand by famous brands  in the field of modeling of glass, as Baoli, Uroboros, Spectrum, Wiessman, Decoglass etc.

In combination with powders, granules and glass rods, together with merger into pigments a wide variety of colors, the merged glass in various shapes and thicknesses, going through major transformations in the fusion furnace, bending and modeling and it is found in the end in the form of decorative vases, lamps, lighting fixtures, wall to wall, bowls, trays, candlesticks, ashtrays, desk clocks and wallpanels for windows and interior and exterior doors, decorative wall panels etc. Products made by the company’s artists are unique and can be carried out upon the request of our clients depending on the features that they want them.

Any object of art glass fusion brings a touch of color and beauty to the ambient space, by filling in the design space in a harmonised manner that each of us live.

We invite you to excite your look  with unique products created by our artists !

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