Daum Nancy Glassware

Daum Nancy brothers were a major force in the artistic, historic ” Art Nouveau ‘.Technique used by them, had at the base, in addition to chemical etching process, application and operation of dustable powders following as the basis for the realization of the scenery together with the use of glass engraving techniques.In addition to all these, the brothers Daum used in perfecting their art , color pigments and varnishes too, applied over the corroded previously sets, vases and fixtures were printed, signed, Daum-Nancy’s artistic unique footprint. At the moment when the Art Nouveau movement ‘ was the main artistic current of the time since then, vases and lamps Daum-Nancy rivaled so strongly with vases and lamps, Galle, in 1904, when the great artist Emile Galle died,  vases and lamps, Daum-Nancy, as well as all the other of the Daum brothers, became the glass leading decorative  . Today, nowadays, in the last days of the third millennium, the vases and lamps Daum-Nancy are as sublime and artfully made among glass reproduction art  that our firm, Millennium Art Style,   create and make them come alive through the talent and enthusiasm of artists who work here.