Made and used since the days of the ancient Chinese dynasties, the porcelain and ceramic objects have been a long time an indispensible element in the decoration of premises and in arranging exterior spaces, but they proved to have and use daily being an indispensable and necessary accessory. Objects in ceramics and porcelain are part of our lives every day, but even the banality of the clay, the talent of our artists turned into art objects. The range where they can be achieved is very diversified and consist in products as vases, bowls, jewelry boxes, favors, etc., but our company got specialized in decoration of sets of tea and coffee.They can be made as  ann individua piece  or in sets of two, four, six or 12 identical pieces. Ceramics and porcelain of which the tea and coffee sets are made , are of superior quality and highly resistant over time. Their decoration Their decoration is made with superior quality pigments that are fixed by firing at 160 degrees Celsius.The product thus decorated withstand washing with detergents even in Automatic Dishwashing machines at increased temperatures.

It is not recommended to use oil products , or any others chemical substances to clean them.

It will be a pleasure if among your preferences will be the porcelain sets decorated by our artists! Certainly, the taste of tea and coffee served from a cup decorated with much talent, will awaken most special and incredible sensations !

We expect you to be delighted with our great products !