About Us

We are pleased to introduce to you our company :

S.C. MILLENNIUM ART STYLE S.R.L. is a company created by the best specialists in the field who have extensive hands on experience and art talent. S.C. MILLENNIUM ART STYLE S.R.L. was established in January 2001, at the beginning of the new millennium, as its name shows, with the desire to offer to S.C. MILLENNIUM ART STYLE S.R.L.’s clients both exquisite glassware items, modern type furniture, pictures made of oil on canvas and other kind of inner decoration articles. S.C. MILLENNIUM ART STYLE S.R.L. sees itself as creators of beauty and art.

Our firm manufactures:

–          art reproductions in glassware field such as the “Art Nouveau” period with resounding names as: Galle, Schneider, Daum-Nancy, Majorelle, Muller, and Lalique type;

–          articles with powder and granulates of colored en masse glass – “Art Decó”

–          articles of glass + bronze and glass + wrought iron.

–          glass articles using the fusion glass technology

–          the pictures are according to the clients’ claims

The items we manufacture are of extraordinary quality, in order to satisfy the most exigent clients, and to demonstrate that we are a company made of and run by professionals.

Our range of the articles includes both unique items and very short serial articles. They come either in shapes following the original ones, or are according to the client’s order.

The glass items we offer are: bowls, vases, table lamps, ceiling lamps, appliques, candy-boxes, jewelry-caskets, plates, fruit-bowls, ashtrays, all of different sizes, backgrounds, colors and decors, and of various combinations. The table lamps are equipped with the metal parts in brass with patina, or in wrought iron, and have installed electric parts.

Also, the pictures are both classic ones, reproductions of the well-known artists paintings and modern and abstract ones, made on special frames and supports.


The method of manufacturing of the glass articles follows both the same unique process used for the first time by the masters Emile Galle, Louis Majorelle, Daum brothers, Nancy, Schneider, Rene Lalique, Muller brothers, Val Saint Lambert, Legras and original shapes or combinations of colors made by our artists or asked by our clients.

All the items incorporate very much work; patience and skill as all of them are individually hand-made. Nevertheless, our manufacture line is very flexible and we can offer many new samples, as desired by our clients. While there is no minimum of ordered items, the samples will be invoiced regardless of the quantity ordered.


Each glass article is packed in bubble plastic, then in a waved cardboard box (Pantzer 3 type) within more inner boxes, in a final wooden or waved cardboard box (Pantzer 5 type).


The delivery condition acceptable to our company is either EXW (Ex Works), or FCA OTOPENI, the transportation up to OTOPENI Airport being in our firm’s charge, but we can hire adequate transportation means in order to transport the ware up to the client’s desired destination.

Usually, our range of items can be shipped by plane. In case of the quantity, the volume or any situation needs another type of transportation, car, or container can accomplish it.

Customs clearing in Romania and all the documents for such are S.C. MILLENNIUM ART STYLE S.R.L. ‘s charge.


We are working with banking transfer, 40% payment in advance and 60% when the order is finished and before delivery .


English language/French language.

Should you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We would be honored if you were to visit us at our facilities.